Our Medisynx Team and the Veterinary Team

Medisynx is collaborating with veterinarians worldwide and their number is growing fast.

By this website you can find these vets where you can apply for our MD Dog Test and our special developed MM acupuncture treatments according the Medisynx Method, to reset the homeostase of the dog, soon your dog will be healthy, fit and full of energy again and on a healthy weight.

Medisyxn laboratory consists of a professional enthousiastic highest qualified lab team, they do carry out tests in 10 working days for humans and dogs, at seperate departments, ofcourse.

All lab devices and equipment are developed and build by ourselves, as our tests are totally new innovated tests designed and developed by Medisynx.

Under contstant conditioned circumstances of temperature, light, trembling and sounds, air and other gasses we perform our tests to warrant exact test values to guarantee reproducable test values, with a S.D. < 0,02%

As reproducable test values are a must in scientific research, and in our study and publication we demonstrated we can.

We are very proud on our team and we look forward to carry out our MD DOG test for your dog too.