Dog experiences

Our story of Cruz, a male Shih Shuh of 7 years 

Our dear Cruz was only 5 months old when he got Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD) and bit by bit it became more severe and he got pruritus and was full of red scaly patches and itching that even his fur and hairs, nose hair and eyebrows felt off, he became more and more grumpy, irritated, peeping nervously day and night, he was stressed and hyper and lost his appetit.

Our vet first prescribed salmon oil capsules but later he did not know what to do anymore as he did not respond to medication either and he referred us to a special dermatology clinic. Here they diagnosed Canine Atopic Dermatitis (CAD), so eczema, itching and pruritus, scaly and flaky skin,  and some yeast and bacterias in his blood, he was in a very severe stage and our vet prescribed heavy medication (Prednison, Cyclosporine and Atopica and homeopatics).
In the beginning he became a little bit better but directly when we reduced dosis his manifestations came back in full speed and level and we did not know what to do.

Until we heard from Medisynx and that they were searching for dogs with CAD for their preliminairy scientific research and lucky us he was allowed to participate. 10 working days after blood take we received his testresults and we started up his personal individual diet.
He is not allowed to take in cereals like wheat, oats, but neither salmon ! and lamb, beef, beef liver, paunch, soy.

And our vet did put him, for a long time, on a diet of lamb and salmon! called a hypersensitive diet, so logic he could not get better and needed medication all the time.

Our Cruz could only eat chicken, turkey and pork, rice, corn and some more.

But be aware this diet is not suitable for any other dog with CAD as this is an individual diet!

Since then we gave him only home-cooked food and only buy snacks he is allowed to take in.

The testresults showed also a high titer against Candida albicans, so Cruz had a Systemic Candidiasis. Never ever a veterinarian has checked him on Candida albicans, incredible, as it seems that there are already some scientific publications that proved that Candida albicans can lead to a Systemic Candidiasis activating a wide scale of bad manifestations of the skin and other (immunological) reactions.

After 4 weeks we saw that his skin became better and after 2 months we were able to reduce his medication step by step to zero and after 16 weeks he was medication free and his skin was totally clean and now we are 2 years further and his skin stays perfectly.

Ofcourse we need to pay attention as sometimes people wants to give him some dogsnacks or dogcookies, very kind but in these cookies is always something wrong for him and then he gets his manifestations back again, his becomes uneasy, hyper and he starts peeping or wheeping again and his skin becomes red and itchy. Then we put him on a strict diet again and we go to Medisynx for a acupuncture treatment and he gets better again. We are so happy as since then our Cruz has a good quality of life. Medisynx many thanks for your help, we hope soon all dogs in the world will get this treatment to be healthy again!

Here two pictures of Cruz how he was before he had his diet, his skin is red, bloody with rashes and flakes, he was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis and Pruritus and became mad from itching and pain.


This picture below is of Cruz aince his  MD Dog diet and treatment, he is a very happy easy dog with a beautiful clean skin, no more itching and his flakes are deminishing step by step as that is caused by Candida albicans and he needs to take in daily during minimal 2 years of treatment a herbal antimycoticum product.

Our story of Benny, a male Labrador of 12 years old

Benny was only 5 years old when he became really stiff like an old dog and he could not walk further than 150 meters in slowly steps and had chronic diarrhea. Later he became obese, got anxiety for sounds and sudden situations, depressed, grumpy and agressive to people walking by and he did not obey very well and it looked as he was staring or absent. Our vet said that it was possible due to his older age (humans can be grumpy too at older age, he assumed)  and he prescribed several medications but it did not help him, we even thought about euthenasia.

In 2012 we heard from our friends about Medisynx and that they were looking for dogs for their study, and lucky us our Benny was accepted to participate.

They only took of a some small amount (2,5 ml) of blood and 10 days later we received his testresults and we started up his full individual diet, as he was not allowed to take in beef, chicken, wheat, corn and soy and others.
We gave him his personal diet consisting of lamb, pork!, salmon, tuna and herring and others.
After 3 days his diarrhoea was gone, after 1 week he became easier and more relaxt, nice and affectionated and no more aggression at all. 

After 8 weeks he was a total other dog, unbelievable as we saw him getting younger and younger day by day, no more stiffness, running and jumping like a youngster, he lost his overweight easily and was a happy friendly dog again.

We are so happy that Medisynx did develop this MD Dog Test, we would like to thank them in name of Benny and our family and we wish them all the best in their scientific research!

We are already convinced that also dogs can be ill due to food, now the rest of the world.