Who we are

Medisynx® Laboratory and Scientific research Institute is a Diagnostic Immunology laboratory for Alimentary Induced Diseases and here for we developed innovative immunology assays and specific treatment method for humans and veterinary.


We offer
Our Diagnostic Immunology laboratory provides the highest quality, comprehensive broad spectrum immunological assays to asses Non-Systemical and Systemical diseases and manifestations, as foodallergies, foodintolerances and food-incompatibilities to a wide range of food substances and nutrient allergens.


As the prevalence of Canine Atopic Dermatitis is common worldwide, with estimated prevalence rates of 15% to 30% of the dog population*).


Based on clinical and scientific research

We have developed a treatment method, providing for curative and preventive results in Non-Systemical and Systemical diseases, based on significant objective lab-values and data of concerning GP’s and veterinarians, obtained during 20 years of clinical research on human patients and 6 years of dog research.

We developed the MD Dog Test and carried out scientific study on dogs as the immune system of dogs is most similar to humans. 

In cooperation with University of Wageningen and veterinarian Annelies van Tilburg (she passed away 26-1-2014) we have designed and carried out a most solid RCT studie on 47 dogs, suffering from atopic- and constitutional allergies and other Non-Systemical manifestations; randomized, double-blind, split-sample and retropespective. Our study did run until December 2013, our publication is published at 8-8-2014 with such remarkable significant results that we concluded it is a curative and preventive therapy.


Publication: "Serological IgG Testing to Diagnose Alimentary Induced Diseases and Monitoring Efficacy of an Individual Defined Diet in Dogs' in Open Access scientitic magazine 'International Journal of Biological, Veterinary, Agricultural and Food Enginering', vol 8:no.7, 2014

*) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC548625/