MD Dog Diet 

With only 3 ml of blood we perform the MD Dog Test and after 10 working days the MD Dog Test results will be send by to your vet, inclusive additional information to help you to find alternative food for your dog.

Your MD veterinarian will explain these test results to you and your vet will set your dog on a well-balanced individual diet, the MD Dog Diet,  to warrant that deficiencies cannot occur.

On bases of our clinical results we noticed a significant effect after 3-5 days to diarrhoea, gagging, vomiting, reduce swelling of throat.
After 2 weeks we noticed a normal energy level, more relaxation and less irritation and aggression.
After 8 weeks intestines will be healed and recovered totally, you will notice that your dog is getting better and better step by step. 
Your dog becomes healthy, fit and full of energy again on the right weight.

In case a symptom will not disappear on a his diet after several months, and if we can exclude that Candida albicans is the cause, we will carry out two or more specific acupuncture treatments, additionally, please ask your MD veterinarian.

Soon your dog will be healthy, fit and full of energy again and on the right weight.