MD Dog Test

For treatment of Non-Systemic and Systemic diseases we have developed our MD Dog Test.

Our MD Dog Test is a broad comprehensive immunological assay to determine food incompatibility against a wide range of foodnutrients.

MD Dog Test results provides an individual diet to accomplish curative and preventive results for Non-Systemic en Systemic diseases and manifestations and can be applied for as additional or
mono-therapy for dogs.


MD Dog Test:

    MD Dog Test is an assay to 40 food substances and
Candida albicans *1)        


*   *1) MD Dog Candida albicans is performed by ELISA and Diffusion

MD Dog Tests can only be applied for by a MD veterinarian. See Contact for MD veterinarians in your country.

*2) We also offer a Candida albicans retest, but this Candida retest
    can only be applied for on condition a MD Dog Test was carried
    out before.