Systemic diseases and Systemic manifestations  

Systemic diseases however are caused by longlasting accumulated reactions against food substances and nutrients in the small intestine / gut, causing first Inflammable Bowel Disease (IBD) leading to inflammations and macerations of gut villi (intestinal fingers) and finally to an increase of permeability of the gut mucosae (Leaky Gut Syndrom or LGS ).

When also undigested food substances  as waste products (then called allergens) are passing the gut wall by vena porta into the body (called the system), and triggering a cascade of immunological activations and inflammation reactions by the complement of the immune system by classical- or alternative pathways, leading to taggings by immunogloblulins (antibodies) and finally to secundary immunological reactions as allergies and intolerances and hypersensitivities.

In reaction the immune system will ‘store’ these allergens systemically, at any location as how it is recorded on its DNA, in body or brains in blood, fascia and lymfatics, skin, all organs (as lungs, pancreas, liver, kidneys), bones, cartelidge or joints inducing mild and severe Systemical diseases and manifestations. Your dog becomes seriously ill. 
These taggings will be recorded on its DNA and therefore these taggings are irreversable, hence memorized for lifetime and can even be brought over to posterity by DNA, placenta, colostrum (first mother milk) or humoral and in this way a food incompatibility becomes inherited.  Therefore we see often the same kind of diseases and manifestations in whole families, in humans and in dogs, diseases like eczema and hayfever or arthrosis.


Acupuncture additional intervention

For the treatment of Systemic diseases and manifestations by food-incompatibility we have developed a combination treatment method: Medisynx Method (MM).

The Medisynx Method exists of a combination of MD Dog Test and two or more specific acupuncture treatments by a Post-Graduated MM veterinarian- acupuncturist.

Soon your dog becomes healthy, fit and full of energy  and on the right weight again.

       Systemic diseases and manifestations