What are Non-Systemic and Systemic diseases and manifestations

The results of clinical research of Medisynx showed a

significant distinction between:

Non-Systemic and Systemic diseases and manifestations

and its concerning treatments.

Non-Systemic diseases and manifestations or


Non-Systemic diseases and manifestations are not

induced by immune system and only limited to mild and

temporary manifestations, such like:

  •  Gagging, vomiting, eating disorders, malabsorption of 
     nutrients and deficiencies and IBD and flatulence

  •  Acute and chronic diarrhoe, constipation, colics,  disturbance   of gutflora

  • Swollow disorder, mouth- and tongue irritation

  • coughing or retching after eating

  • Otitis media- and  externa, excessive cerumen

  • Atopische Dermatitis, pruritus, constitutional eczema, licking toes, scratching

  • Gut-Brain-Gut axis reacties; hyper or restlessness, anxiety, irritated and aggressive behaviour

  • Weak immune system and beeing prone to parasits, mytes, infections, mild allergies (mediated by GALT-, MALT- und BALT-  System) 

  • Finally leading to Systemic manifstations and Systemic diseases in body and brains.
    Your dog gets more and more really severe ill.


MD Dog Test

For treatment of Non-Systemic and Systemic diseases we have developed our Medisynx Method, MD Dog Test.

Our MD Dog Test is a broad comprehensive immunological assay to determine food incompatibilities against a wide range of foodnutrients.

MD Dog Test results provides an individual diet to accomplish curative and preventive results for 
Non-Systemic and Systemic diseases and manifestations and can be applied for as additional or mono-therapy for dogs.