Immune System

The immune system is a complex defend system of the body to be able´to recognise and to eliminate´ bodystrange substances that enters the body by any entrance, carried out by antibodies.  

Bodystrange substances like virusses, bacterias but also all kind of incompatible food substances and nutrients are detected by specific antibodies of immunesystem. (antibodies are immunoglobulins).

Each bodystrange substance that enters the body or comes into contact with, by mouth, throat, gastro-intestinal tract, skin, eyes, nose or uro-genital system, the immune system will define its danger and can decide to 'tag' such a substance, by making a specific antibody.

A 'tag' is placing a 'flag on surface of such substance to mark that this is an enemy' meaning that the immune system is going to produce a specific antibody (immunoglobulin) to this specific substance, made from stemcells.

In case such a tagged food substance enters the body these specific antibodies will detect them and instantly they will inform the generals of the immune system in the body. These generals are activating a cascade of immunological and inflammation reactions (by classical and alternative pathways). The immunesystem gets involved totally and your dog becomes seriously ill.

Such specific antibody is going 'to stick' to its 'own' substance to activate macrophages to 'eat and dissolve' this substance in example beef or chicken food part, like a 'Pacman' and supporting them to the exits of the body to clean up the body.  In case such substances are entering the body faster than the immune system can clean up, these substances will be stored at any place in the body or brains, blood, joints, muscles and fascia by the lymfatic system, where to put it is already recorded on the DNA. This means the food-incompatibility and the disease where it is leading to is already written down on our DNA aswell as on your dog' DNA.

As our DNA and your dog' DNA is unique.
DNA carries an unique blue-print of the immune system with its antibodies and digestive enzymes to digest food is therefore as unique too. What can be healthy for one can be very unhealthy for another.
This means there is no The Healthy Food in general speaking, though that needs to be defined first by the Medisynx MD Test.

As the immune system is like an army with its own hierarchy from low order the 'soldiers' to top and chief order the 'generals', it is therefore so important to determine to which substances did the general activate his soldiers. Logic that this is essential to find the cause of the disease, instead of symptomatic treating of the consequences of a certain disease. Therefore it is so important to define the reactions of the generals and his staff thus determine the cause of the food-incompatibility, as only then we can stop all secundary reactions and consequences as allergies, intolerances and hypersensitivities.
Therefore Medisynx analysed and developed special tests by focussing on the generals and his staff of the total immune system.

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